Fearful Bragging

So, ever since I posted the last post about Josh’s music, I’ve been feeling a tad bit guilty.

Not because I was bragging about him, but because I’m being kind of hypocritical. I’m always getting on Josh’s case for not letting people know about the newest song he’s written or opportunity he’s had.

I couldn’t understand why he would be reluctant to let people know about something that is such a passion for him.

Splinter…let me introduce you to Log. Over the last few months I’ve once again taken up the idea of trying to become a freelance writer. I have loved reading, writing, journaling, whatever since I was a kid and I feel this is a way I can make a contribution while still being home with our kids.

It provides me an outlet so that I don’t feel so secluded and spiritually useless. I have pretty much kept this a secret from my friends and family because I didn’t want to look like I was tooting my own horn.

Then I looked today at the last post and realized I was being just as reluctant as Josh to share the thing God was doing in my life.

So, here we go…toot toot!

There’s a webzine called Ungrind that I came across, which provides encouragement, advice and support for Christian women in their 20s and 30s. I have had the privilege to take part in their weekly Fresh Brew Fridays and next month I have an article which will be published on their main website. I’m so excited for the opportunity and experience they’ve given me and I’m looking for other places where I can cut my teeth as a novice writer.

Another place where I’m gaining some experience is as a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson publishing. It’s a great way for me to get free books and get my name out there more.

At this point I’m not getting compensated for any of this, but I’m fine with that. I am just happy that someone thinks I have enough talent to allow me to have a voice in their publication.

So, as scared as I am right now to click “publish post,” I realize that it’s now time for me to set my fears aside and let everyone know the latest thing God’s been doing in me.

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