I feel like an amateur everything. I love to cook, but have no formal training. I love to write, but have no degree. I love to take pictures, but don’t really know what I’m doing. Everyone goes to school for these things to try to build a career in them…I went to Bible college. Does that make me a professional Bible scholar? Why is it that I feel so lost when it comes to my own walk with God then?

How do you tell the difference between hobbies and careers? Aren’t the people that make careers out of hobbies just the ones who defied people’s criticism of them?

“You’ll never make money doing that.”

Why does the focus have to be making money? Why isn’t the main question in people’s mind: “Do you feel that’s what God’s directing you to do?”

I feel conceited saying that God wants me to write or cook because it’s something that you have to have pride in to pursue. No one who tries to get published or start a catering business thinks they’re not good at their craft. But as a Christian I’ve been brought up believing that you’re supposed to be humble and give God all the glory.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that humbleness is not self-deprecation and I give God glory by using the talents and abilities I feel He’s given me.

So, I’m going to push through this period of self-doubt and believe that God can use my talents to bless others.

How do you combat your periods of self-doubt?


2 thoughts on “Amateur

  1. Oh wow, what a post. I've given up on the combating it. Mostly, I have to ignore it, push through. A year in Bible college, a college drop-out (b/c of health) – I've had to pretty much take my life as it has come, pursuing what passions I have, taking it all a day at a time. I have no idea where it's all going to end up, but at least I am learning to enjoy it!

  2. Isn't that what it's all about, pursuing the passions God has given us for the benefit of others? I'm starting to learn that it's not such a big deal how important I am, but how important God is.

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