5-year-old Logic

“I like cuddling with you, Momma. I don’t like cuddling with Daddy cause he has hair in his armpits.”

It’s 11:30 at night and I’m cracking up, laying in bed with Josh and Eli.

Eli’s too embarrassed to explain to Josh why I’m laughing, so I have to tell Josh why he’s an unacceptable cuddle buddy.

“Eli, you’re going to have hair in your armpits when you grow up too,” Josh says.

“Nu uh, cause I like bacon and not sausage,” Eli retorts.

What? Where does his logic come from?

After a few questions we figure out that our friend told Eli that if he ate his sausage at breakfast he’d get hair on his chest.

Eli doesn’t like sausage so, consequently, he’s not going to have hair on his body when he grows up.

Makes sense to me…