Eli’s Blanket

My mom has been knitting for years now and makes some beautiful afghans, sweaters, scarfs, etc.

When Cora was a few months old I was inspired to take up knitting again. I had learned when I was younger, but hadn’t done it in a long time.

Off to Michael’s we went and bought yarn for a baby blanket for Cora. My mom had a little trouble teaching me how to knit because she’s right-handed and I’m left-handed. I went on YouTube and looked up videos on left-handed knitting to try to teach myself. I figured it out and started a blanket for Cora.

It’s hard to knit with a baby crawling after the ball of yarn and it got hot because it was summer in Southern California, so I gave up. About a year later I went back to it and decided to scale back my ambition. I made the baby blanket for Cora into a blanket for Cora’s babies. Then, after I’d successfully completed one project I decided to make a baby blanket for Ezra. That involved using multiple skeins of yarn (oh look, yarn lingo). I finished Ezra’s blanket in less than a year, so I felt like I was doing good. I wasn’t especially proud of Ezra’s blanket, but it kept him warm and didn’t fall apart. Mission accomplished.

Then this February Eli said he wanted a blanket. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make him a baby-sized one so I looked through my little blanket pattern book and found one that I didn’t think would be too difficult. Off to Michael’s again, this time letting Eli pick the colors he wanted and he picked his favorites: red, blue, green and black. Interesting side note: every couple of days Eli comes to me and announces that his favorite color is no longer ____, it’s now ____. It’s very funny! I bought the right size needles and started casting it on (wow, more yarn lingo, I’m a pro).

Then my problems began. The original pattern of the blanket called for using all four colors at once. So now I was trying to knit with four balls of yarn and keep the baby (now Ezra, not Cora) from crawling after them. It was taking me forever because I had to reposition all of the skeins of yarn on the floor four times per row. I was getting discouraged but I’d already told Eli I would make it for him.

Luckily my mom came to visit again not too long into the project and she told me: 1) I was knitting wrong and 2) I should only do two colors at once. Apparently I had learned how to knit wrong from the YouTube videos, but since I knitted incorrectly consistently my other blankets had come out okay. So, much to my Grandma Bev’s horror, I ripped out all of the work I had done before they got there and started all over. I went back to YouTube and with my mom’s help we figured out how to knit left-handed the correct way. Then I started with the black and green colors. I didn’t work on it continuously because I was taking classes at Life and trying to graduate, but after 4 months voila! It is finished!! I’m very proud of myself and Eli loves it!


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