We have spent the last couple of weeks celebrating!

When Josh and I first got married we lived in Brea, CA with a group of friends who have grown indispensable to us. They are our support system. Sadly, none of us live near each other anymore and so we planned for this week to be the first time we’ve all been together in 3 years.

Levi & Christy, Eric & Amber and Paul & Kristi were all able to come out and visit. One other family weren’t able to come out from Ohio and were greatly missed because without them we’re still not whole. However, we made the best of it by eating ourselves sick: Fresca’s, Yard House, Corner Bakery, In-N-Out…there was a literal list of restaurants we had to visit before everyone headed back home. And of course, who could visit without going to Disneyland?!

Christy used to work at a restaurant in Downtown Disney and through her connections we were all able to enter the theme parks for FREE! (Thank you Christy!!) The best part was we went on Cora’s birthday.

Our little Cora turned three-years-old on June 1st! Josh and I were talking the other day and both of us think that in the last 6-months Cora has definitely grown up very quickly. She says things like, “This is taking forever.” We’ve got a Shake-A-Booty (Sleeping Beauty) party planned for her at “Chuckin’ Cheese” this Sunday, but we spent her actual birthday at Disneyland.

That day was one I’ll remember forever! It was so fun to be back at Disneyland with our friends, just like when we were in college, and to be able to reminisce about all of the fun we had when we went there weekly. To add to that the joy of seeing our kids enjoying themselves and knowing that they’re now old enough to remember it (well, not Ezra). It was a great day!

Happy Birthday Cora Elyce! We love you and think you’re the most beautiful princess of the world!

And to Levi, Christy, Eric, Amber, Paul and Kristi: We love you and had so much fun spending time with you all together again! Hopefully someday we’ll all be able to live close once more! We feel blessed to have you all in our lives.