Ezra Moves Up in the World

I am ready to admit defeat!

Ezra is too heavy to carry in the infant carrier anymore. I thought I was being so cool in purchasing a carrier that went up to 30 lbs instead of the standard 20 lbs. I ignored the fact that the carrier itself weighed at least 15 lbs. So lately I’ve been lugging around 40 lbs of baby and plastic.

My back hurts!

I was holding out moving Ezra into his car seat because I liked the ability of relocating him while he was sleeping. Today I decided that Ezra’s mass “outweighed” that convenience. I replaced his infant carrier with his car seat in our car and that means he also now has to sit in a high chair when we go out.

So tonight, at our regular Friday night pizza night, Ezra sat at the table for the first time!

He dropped his toy in a plate of spaghetti sauce, he dropped his food on the floor and he somehow found a piece of lettuce to choke on and threw up all over himself.

Where’s that infant carrier?