A Momentous Day

Yesterday Josh and I went up to LA for our Foursquare Licensing Luncheon. We ate at the House on the Hill which was one of Aimee Semple McPherson’s homes and then took a tour of the Foursquare Central Offices. We got to go up on the roof to the ICFG helipad, which has a magnificent view of downtown LA. We also got to meet Pastor Jack Hayford, the President of Foursquare.

It was so exciting to realize how close we are to accomplishing a goal that’s been 10 years in the making. I’m graduating with my BA from Life on May 9th and if all goes as planned Josh will graduate with his next May. We both have our licensing interviews in the next couple of months and then who knows what the future holds.

With my 29th birthday two days away I can see my 20s coming to an end and instead of feeling depressed about that I’m excited!

I’m excited to see all the changes and plans God has in store for us in the next decade. This one has been full of beginnings: marriage, parenthood, college, ministry. Now we can move on to the part when God matures us and furthers us in the things He’s begun in us.