Ezra – 7 months old

Why is it when you’re pregnant seven months goes by so slowly, but once they’re born it slips away from you?

Baby Ez is 7-months-old and seems to be learning new tricks every day.

His latest is the “Sexy Pose.”

He is eating baby food and yogurt and it’s so funny to see how excited he gets once he spots the food. As you can see, he’s not wasting away.

He hasn’t started crawling yet, but I’m expecting him to start any day now. That’s not to say he stays in one place anymore. He rolls his way around our house and Eli thinks it’s really funny to roll him down the hall to their bedroom.

Ezra’s other tricks include sitting up on his own and he said “momma” the other day! I was so excited!

The older kids love playing with him and do everything they can to make him laugh. Sometimes it gets quite deafening but at least they love each other and it’s not fighting…yet.