Fat Babies Are More Buoyant

We made a spontaneous trip to San Diego yesterday because we all needed a get-away. We found a good deal at a nice place on Pacific Beach and used money we received for our anniversary to pay for it (thanks Sr Brothertons!!)

When we got there, the place exceeded our expectations and we learned we’d been upgraded for free to a penthouse suite with a view of the ocean and San Diego. It was such a blessing to be able to spend an evening relaxing with the kids.

This morning we took the kids swimming in the pool…it was Ezra’s first time! He loved splashing in the water and laying on his back.

Lately Josh and I have both been getting a lot of words about peace.

God definitely provided us with an opportunity for us to pursue and find peace together as a family.

Now it’s back to the real world…hopefully the remembrance of our little trip will carry us through to the next break…

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